My Story

Hello friends.  I became a mom by sheer dumb luck.  Really.  I met a man, fell uncontrollably irrevocably in love with him and then I met his children [including his dog].  I didn’t know that I was capable of the love I so quickly developed for them, but here we are 4 years later and we’ve added a baby [and another dog and a lizard and two Guinea pigs].  I’m a step-mama, a mama and our home is bursting at the seams with our children, their friends, our insane American Bulldogs [and other creatures] and all the energy and chaos and love that all that brings.

Before I move on to the now, I want to quickly talk about them before.  I have three big brothers.  In my early childhood, it was normal to attempt things like cramming 4 people on an ATV, running around the house barefoot in a blizzard as many times as we could, and generally taking a risk and running around the 2 acres of woods behind my house.  Dad was strict but also a big little kid who encouraged our curiosity and independence.  My mother while she mostly had good intentions never really knew how to know me, and for years that hurt.

My parents divorced when I was 12 essentially rendering me an only child as my brothers were all 18 and over at this point.  This also resulted in a lot of moving around for me – I went to three different high schools and lived in 11 different houses from the time they divorced until college.  The thing that saved me throughout this time was sports.  Sports gave me a sense of direction and kept me surrounded by good friends.  It’s also the entire reason I had confidence in myself and the reason I excelled in college.

In college, I might have played ultimate frisbee or wiffleball on the Boston Common, but otherwise swapped sports for student leadership.  Which fitness aside, are the same in terms of life lessons and resume building.  This then leads to my job with the federal government, and concurrently my love of fitness instruction specifically running and kickboxing.  All of this further increased my sense of confidence, led me to love travel and eventually led me to my husband whom I met at work.  And so now we’re back.

My three big kids (twin 9-year-olds and a 7-year-old) all play at least one sport a season and I coach my oldest daughters travel soccer team.  My husband and I both work full-time and we are incredibly close to both sides of our family as well as our chosen family – we have amazing friends!  If it’s not school or work or sports we are probably at some family gathering or ourselves hosting some sort of gathering.  In sum, our life is total madness… 100% of the time.

Despite the madness, I’ve managed to form an intentional yet forgiving approach to parenting.  And over the years a lot of people have asked me for advice on things from food, to fitness, to scheduling to chores.  I am often asked, “how do you do it all?!”  And the truth is, I don’t do it all.  I’m just really intentional about how I prioritize and how I teach my children to be functioning members of our family and society.

So, I thought why not share the how behind “The Complete Mama”?  So what this is, this blog you stumbled upon while hiding from your children. Wheather in your closet or on the train.  Or maybe on the way to work or any other moment without your children. Or maybe with your children while they’re sitting there yapping your ear off as you pretend to listen.  This is our space to learn and let go.

This is your space to find ideas about organizing your family’s insane schedule.  A space to find new ideas for menu planning and prep.  And a space to find creative workouts and tools to help you stay fit.

This is your space to remind you to stay well and do the things you love for you.  This is your space to find space.  Because by creating, balancing and championing your space you, in turn, become your best self for your kids.  And that is what The Complete Mama is all about.


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