Running has become a constant in my life.  I’ve had my ups and downs, but running has truly become a part of who I am.  There are times when I’m incredibly regimented, increasing my miles and my pace.  Then there are times when I’m so busy it’s all I can do to get out for a quick 2 mile run after a crazy day, literally racing the sun set.  In the past I’d beat myself up. “I ran twice this week, I should have run four times.”  “I only did two miles.”  “God, I had to drag myself through every single step.”  It’s a miracle I didn’t up and quit with that type of self-trash talk.  But, luckily I’ve learned to change my mindset.

That change in mindset came after a few weeks in Germany when running became my lifeline; it’s been my constant through out an overwhelming period.  It helped me realize that frequency, mileage, and pace don’t matter… the only thing that matters is getting out there.  It’s not that the same thing motivates every run, it’s that every run means something entirely different for me.  Maybe it’s the remedy to a bad day, maybe it’s that I can totally out run the buff military dude on the treadmill next to me, maybe it’s that I really did want to be faster than the sun set, or maybe it’s that while I’m running (even if only one mile) hundreds of others are sitting on the couch.

Also, it helps that Germany happens to have gorgeous trails everywhere, including behind my house…

photo-1But, like I said the only thing that matters any more is doing it.  Literally there are times when I’m walking to the trail or the treadmill and my inner self is chanting, “left, right, left, right, just start running….c’mon just move…go…” and before I know it I’m full stride, rockin’ out to my iPod, happy as can be.

I subscribe to Runners World and I get their quote of the day every morning at 4am via email.  Sick, I know.  There was a quote recently that said something like, “the most important thing in running is consistency.”  It took me a bit to really understand what was meant by this.  It doesn’t mean you need to run every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Well maybe some people do.  But, what it really means is consistency with in yourself.

You will hear a million different theories on how to stick with running.  If you ask me, the absolute best way to stick with running is figure out what works for you, what motivates you and then honor that.  Don’t try to run someone else’s marathon… run yours.


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