Being a [Step] Mom: It’s Not About You

As any mom, we as stepmoms need to choose our battles.  As a stepmom, it’s important to remember it’s not about you.  What I mean is sometimes as a stepmom it’s incredibly important to own that your kids are not yours biologically.  This gives you the opportunity to step back from certain conflicts and be more objective.  What I’m really saying is that more often than not it’s really just not about you.  And that’s powerful. … Continue Reading →


Being a [Step] Mom: Teaching Our Kids About Bullying

This post won’t be what you thought.  It is about bullying.  But it’s more so about how the term “bullying” has gotten out of hand.  And how that is doing our kids a disservice. The term “bullying” has become such a hot button.  And quite honestly it should be in terms of having zero tolerance for such behavior.  This is one place where I think social media has helped us as parents and educators.  We … Continue Reading →