Being a [Step] Mom: Why the Kitchen is the Heart of Our Home

I believe in food.  Really really believe in it.  I love food.  Eating it, preparing, and especially sharing it.  It makes me happy.  And over the last few years becoming a [Step] Mom it’s been one of the most unifying things for my family.  The kitchen is the heart of our home. When I first came into my three step kids lives I was unsure of so many things.  Boundaries weren’t yet clearly defined.  And … Continue Reading →


Lentil Taco Bowls

About a year ago I instituted meatless Monday’s in our house.  Now, let’s be clear I am a carnivore through and through.  So are my kids.  But I also really believe in plant-based protein.  It’s delicious.  It’s healthy.  And it’s often very cost effective.  And it’s incredibly versatile.  It really encouraged me to mix things up!  So, one day perusing my pantry I found some lentils and thought, “what the hell do I have these … Continue Reading →


Unicorn’s Blood

What is the best way to handle your kid’s illness or injury?  I’m talking a little about the actual treatment and a lot about how to teach them.  The opportunity to teach our kids the world doesn’t stop because they have a cold or a paper cut. I try hard not to make them feel as though I don’t care.  I also really don’t want to raise a bunch of entitled wimps.  So how do you … Continue Reading →

Becoming a Six Pack

Almost exactly two years ago I found out I was pregnant with my first baby.  But was also already a Mom and we would become a Six Pack, a family of six.  WTF?!  Because life wasn’t interesting enough. Truth.  I HATED being pregnant.  As I am a control freak through and through, I did not like not being able to do whatever I wanted with my body whenever I wanted.  Which is strange, because it’s … Continue Reading →

Becoming a Mom

From My Perspective I said in my previous post that I won’t spend much time on becoming a step-mom to my step-kids and that’s true, sort of.  The thing is; it’s a mess.  Not my love or sense of responsibility, but navigating all of this.  I can separate it though. The reason I want to pretend I won’t spend much time on the topic is because in my heart they are mine; and if you … Continue Reading →