Apple Pie

Traditions Apple pie.  Is it the All-American Pie? I don’t know, perhaps.  But to me, it’s tradition.  It’s the pinnacle of mine and my mother’s relationship.  This might sound sad.  It is, but it’s not.  As a mom, you want to create traditions for your kids to remember and pass on.  I used to think that these traditions had to be spectacular, intentional and well planned.  Which is why for years, at least in part, … Continue Reading →


Becoming a Mom

From My Perspective I said in my previous post that I won’t spend much time on becoming a step-mom to my step-kids and that’s true, sort of.  The thing is; it’s a mess.  Not my love or sense of responsibility, but navigating all of this.  I can separate it though. The reason I want to pretend I won’t spend much time on the topic is because in my heart they are mine; and if you … Continue Reading →

Before the Craziness Began: Patience when I Became an Insta-Mom

  Before I move on with the now, I want to quickly talk about the before. I have three big brothers, I am the youngest and might be a “Daddy’s Little Girl”.  In my early childhood it was normal to attempt things like cramming 4 people on an ATV, running around the house barefoot in a blizzard as many times as we could, and generally taking risk and running around the 2 acres of woods … Continue Reading →