Being a [Step] Mom: Practice Relentless Optimism

How do you do it? Not crawl up in a ball and hide when it’s really tough? How do you keep your wits about you? Practice grace? Humility? Yes, you. I’m asking you. I sure as fuck do not have the answers. I’m sorry. The thing is I’m not sure I’m doing any of it right. This whole stepmom thing. This mom thing. How does anyone know if they’re doing it right? There’s no barometer. … Continue Reading →


Vegetarian Chili

With it being so freaking cold out lately, I’ve been on a soup kick.  Really, I’ve had homemade lentil vegetable soup for lunch every day this week.  We had homemade leek and cauliflower soup for dinner on Monday.  And we started this week of soups on Sunday with vegetarian chili.  Apparently, I’m also on a meatless/sort of vegan, but not on purpose, kick.  I just really love plant-based protein.  I feel lighter, more clear, happy … Continue Reading →