A Young Woman’s Clarity

True or False?  If you want something bad enough, you will achieve it.

False.  Achieving a goal is not a matter of how bad you want it.  It’s a matter of clarity.  In other words; the amount that you want something is irrelevant if you do not actually know what you want.

I grew up in a baseball family.  My Dad was a coach.  All three of my brothers were baseball payers, though some careers were slightly shorter than others.

Wiffle ball tournaments were a weekly occurrence in my household.  At 18 months I may or may not have been dressed up in a Red Sox uniform and put in front of a professional photographer.  Three boys, then a girl and I’m the one subjected to such torture?  Anyways.  So baseball, you could say I may have been destine for.  Well it wasn’t until I was a freshmen in high school that I decided to try out for the softball team.  I instantly loved it and excelled at it making varsity my first year.  I remember asking my father, “why didn’t you make me play sooner?”  His response was simple, “you didn’t want it, so you wouldn’t have enjoyed it and then you wouldn’t have played well.”

Years later that’s still a concept that makes a lot of sense to me; you have to know what you want and want it for the right reasons before you can achieve it.  Right now, the beginning of the year, tis’ the season for resolutions.  Everyone brings their lunches to work in the form of salads, Planet Fitness is so full you have to wait in line for a treadmill, and every market regardless of product is somehow pushing this concept of a “new you”!  But, sure enough come February cafes will get busy again at lunch, the lines for treadmills will be gone, and the market will give way to Valentine’s chocolate.  All those resolutions?  Gone.

I do believe that people make New Years resolutions because they genuinely want to make a change.  I also believe that most resolutions fail because those making them don’t actually know what they want or at least unable to define them.  Do you want to achieve your resolution because you really want it or because you think you should want it?  Figuring out what you want is no simple task.  But I promise, January 1st is certainly not going to offer any more perspective than December 31st.

So what’s the solution?  How do you figure out what you want?  It’s tough.  You have to be honest with yourself.  You have to think about what you want, what make’s you happy, with out any consideration for anyone else.  Once you’ve done that, once you have a clearly defined picture of what you want, your goal, then, and only then does it become a matter of how bad you want it.


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